• Robotics, Automation and A.I.
    will change the world!
  • Robotics, Automation and A.I.
    will be in everything!
  • Our Grandchildren will grow up
    as Robotic Natives!
  • We have to responsibly drive
    sustainable Innovation!
  • We need Robotic & AI Governance!

Prof. Dominik B. O. Boesl
Global Keynote Speaker - Author - Researcher - Futurist - Innovator - Manager - Geek
Professor, Hochschule der Bayerischen Wirtschaft (HDBW) - Founder, Robotic & AI Governance Foundation
VP Industrial Activities, IEEE RAS - Chair, Global IEEE TechEthics ad-hoc Committee

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Predicting the future is impossible. But there are techniques, to foresee how the world, markets and technologies are going to evolve. Since many years, Dominik is working and researching at the cutting edge of corporate foresight, future research and innovation management. His work has been cited all around the globe, is foundation for corporate strategies and governmental roadmaps alike as well as being used by other initiatives and research groups, including the United Nations, the European Parliament and the White House.

„[…] In innovation management, the analysis of the so-called ‘Megatrends’ [3] provides one commonly accepted method for estimating driving forces that will have impact on the whole planet earth and humanity over the next 15 to 25 years. Extrapolating these trends, it is possible to make predictions for future needs, developments of future markets and overall requirements for technological innovation. Mobility, globalization, global warming, overageing society, urbanization, digital life/connectivity, individualization and orientation towards a healthy lifestyle are an often cited subset of megatrends that will heavily influence the evolution of (industrial) robotics and automation.

New markets will emerge driven by the augmented demand resulting from exuberant worldwide population growth. The United Nations expect the global population will exceed 8 billion people by 2025 and 10 billion around 2060 [4] [5]. Different needs will arise from this demographic change: First, an overall rising demand for production capabilities will become immanent, partly driven by the new economic power of some markets (mainly in Asia); e.g., Asian B2C e-commerce has shown growth-rates of more than 70% per year so far and other markets perform similarly [6].

To satisfy the burgeoning demand of consumption, manufacturing has to find new ways to produce and supply the needed products in sufficient number and time. Furthermore, after production, those goods have to be packaged and shipped to customers, which will substantially boost the logistics market so that logistics will be playing a key role in all areas of economy. The global logistics market is expected to grow at least 2.5–3% per year with an annual volume of far more than 1 trillion ϵ at the moment [7] [8]. Combined with the current demographic developments [9] (in 2020, 50% of the German society and workforce will consist of 50+ year olds [10]), a huge potential for automation accrues. The rising request for labor can no longer be met even if the current amount of workforce would remain constant.

As the demographics hint to a dramatic shortage in available human labor (starting in Europe, spreading all over the world and climaxing after 2050, e.g., the United Nations are expecting a lack of population within Europe of about 40 million by 2060 [11]). Despite the rising population in the rest of the world, there will be a gap twice as big to fill — which unleashes unexpended potential for robot-based automation solutions. On one hand, the existing workforce has to be supported, in order to keep it capable of performing their tasks as long and as comfortable as possible. On the other hand, we will also need to support the elderly in their daily life, as humankind will not only work longer, but also live longer (the U.N. predicts an average life expectancy in the first world in 2040 of 92.4 years [11]). Keeping people active and mobile as long as possible — especially in their own home environment! – will gain more and more importance, so that investments in the field of home assisted living and elderly care or rehabilitation at home, e.g., for stroke patients, will grow accordingly. Both gaps can be filled with a ‘robotic workforce’. Trends, like ‘robostaffing’ are meanwhile addressed even by conservative analysts and are expected to be broadly established at latest by 2025 [12]. […]“

Excerpt from D. Boesl, B. Liepert, „4 Robotic Revolutions – Proposing a holistic phase model describing future disruptions in the evolution of robotics and automation and the rise of a new Generation ‘R’ of Robotic Natives“, IEEE IROS, 2016 [DOWNLOAD HERE].


Terminator or Robo-Butler? Robotics at Academia Annensis

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Technology can help us make the world a better place – I fundamentally believe that! Especially in these post-factual times, it is important that people responsibly drive sustainable innovation. We should not support Techno-Populism, which we witness every day in the news – instead, a holistic view on technological progress is crucial!

I am a Techno-Optimist! If we get back to building technology that enables, enhances and augments human capabilities rather than developing machines that are enabled and „fueled“ by people, we will advance humanity. Done right, it will be a means of democratization, foster global equality and increase prosperity – but for everyone!

Dominik B.O. Boesl


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[…] Love the cause. “Evangelist” isn’t a job title. It’s a way of life. It means that evangelists must love what they evangelize. No matter how great the person, if he doesn’t love the cause, he cannot be a good evangelist for it. If you don’t love it, don’t evangelize it. This has hiring implications too: a good education and relevant work experience are not sufficient. It’s just as important that an evangelist loves the product or service [or topic]. […]

Guy Kawasaki, first Technology Evangelist at Apple, in his blog about Evangelism

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  • DZ Bank

    Keynote Panel in the Frankfurt Opera and other events

  • European Commission

    Dominik is frequently invited to hearings, working groups and other events as expert on robotics, automation, ai, technology ethics and futurist research.

  • Mady Delvaux, European Parliament

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  • Dr. Bernd Liepert, President, euRobotics aisbl

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  • Simon Jacobs, Gartner Inc.

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  • Prof. Dr. Wolfram Burgard, President, IEEE Robotic and Automation Society

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  • Prof. Dr. Oussama Khatib, Director Robotics Lab, Stanford University

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  • IEEE TechEthics

    Dominik is Chair of the Global IEEE TechEthics Ad-Hoc Committee

  • Telekom

    Speaker at Digital 18 alongside other great speakers like Steve Wozniak, Neil Harbisson, …

  • TBD, UBS

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  • TBD, United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth

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  • Prof. Dr. Henrik Christensen, UC San Diego

    Having worked with Dominik in multiple roles from KUKA to Robotic Governance it is clear that he is a very deep thinker. He appreciates the potential implications of modern automation and many of the pitfalls. He is at the same times one of the innovators/managers of new robotics technology. Dominik is also a great presenter and always has a story to tell. He is smart, engaged, a team player, and a wonderful person. Really enjoyed working with Dominik.

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  • Thomas Erdmann, CEO, VOITH Robotics

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Dominik is a Global Keynote Speaker, Moderator and Author.
For inquiries and speaker requests, please contact us via e-mail.

Dominik is engaged in many different projects and initiatives. To find out more about the most important ones, please click on the logos below.

IEEE Robotics & Automation Society

IEEE Tech Ethics Initiative

AntMe! – Serious Gaming

Robotic & AI Governance Foundation


Dominik is Professor for Digital Sciences, Automation and Leadership at Hochschule der Bayerischen Wirtschaft (HDBW). His research spans the field of Innovation Management, Technology Foresight and Digitalization. The topic he is most passionate about, though, is Robotics, Automation and how it is going got affect our daily lives. Dominik is active in this field since 2012 when he founded the Robotic & AI Governance foundation. Some of the terms he coined include Robotic Natives, its antonym Robotic Immigrants, Generation R, Robotic Governance and many other fundamental terms in the newly blossoming field of Technology– and Robo-Ethics.

His findings are internationally acclaimed and build the foundation for many other initiatives. Some of the basic ideas behind a Robotic & AI Governance have been used e.g., in shaping and setting up the European High-Level Expert Group on AI, contributed to the IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (The IEEE Global Initiative) and other efforts including euRobotics position on the matter.

Dominik has served as chair for many forums, workshops and other events as well as chair and co-chair for international conferences. He is deeply involved with IEEE and IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) currently serves as Vice President for Industrial Activities of RAS and as chair of the global IEEE TechEthics Ad-Hoc Committee. To find our more about Dominik’s academic engagements, publications and projects, click the button below.

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Global Keynote Speaker, Moderator, and Panelist.
For media inquiries and speaker requests, please contact us via e-mail.


  • 123 Events in 2017
  • 186 Events in 2018
  • 78 Events in 2019

Dominik usually speaks at more than 100 events per year all around the globe, including USA, China, Japan, South Korea, Europe and Australia. His audiences vary from school classes to Fortune 50 Executive Boards. Clients include companies like Siemens, Microsoft, BMW, Salesforce, Samsung, Deutsche Bank, Vodafone, the European Parliament, Gartner, Munich Re, UBS and Deutsche Telekom. So far, audience size has ranged from 4 to 6.500 people.

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Speaking Topics include:

Future of Technology / Futurist Research / (Mega-)Trend Research

It is im possible to predict the future! Albeit one of the oldest desires of humankind, we still do not know for sure what will happen tomorrow. But grace to scientific methods, e.g. (mega-)trend analysis, it is to estimate and extrapolate what is most likely to happen over the next two to five decades – from global warming, technological disruptions, ethical challenges, economic crisis to societal progress.

Technology Ethics / Robo-Ethics / AI Ethics

Ever since the dawn of humankind, technology has been disrupting our lives. From fire, pottery, metalworking over mechanics, transistors to the internet and robotics: technology is permeating all areas of our living realm! And within itself, it is neither „good“ nor „bad“ – it depends what we use it for. As technological progress is getting faster, the ethical and moral aspects of technology need more attention and transparent, educated public discourse is crucial to foster sustainable and responsible innovation!

Digitalization / Industrie 4.0 / IoT / IIoT

Digitalization is already considered to be the new megatrend, which will affect and disrupt at least all areas of industrial manufacturing and production. Having shaped KUKA’s Industrie 4.0 strategy from the beginning and contributed to the Platform Industrie 4.0, Dominik can share a unique view on IoT from its early beginnings. Maybe, it is even more evolutionary than most people think and we should not turn it into a self-fulfilling prophecy…

Technology Governance / Robotic & AI Governance

Technologies like Robotics, Automation and AI will change our world! They will have at least as much impact on people’s daily lives over the next 50 years as the internet and computers had on the last five decades. To foster sustainable and responsible innovation, the world needs governance structures to (self-)regulate technological progress. Educated discourse involving all kinds of stakeholders has to be stoked to address peoples‘ questions and fears!

Entrepreneurship / Intrapreneurship / Startup Mindset

What makes startup so successful? How can large enterprises learn from these „speedboats“? Is there a way, how to catch and transfer their entrepreneurial spirit into existing structures? These questions have been core to Dominik’s work at Microsoft, KUKA and now Festo. Reach out, if you want to hear his answer!

Robotics & Automation / Human Robot Collaboration / Consumer Robotics

Robotics, Automation and AI will change the world! Our grandchildren will grow up as the first Generation R of Robotic Natives. And we are Robotic Immigrants – still with very analog background, but we will be witnesses of a huge disruption – first, the Digitalization and then the Automation of our world! Dominik is shaping the future of robotics – in industry and academia – since he joined KUKA  and IEEE in 2011.

Innovation Management / Design Thinking / Disruption

Everybody is hunting for disruptive innovation. Unfortunately, it cannot be „planned“ but only recognized as such in retrospect. Or could you have foreseen the disruptive power of cars, electricity, transistors or the Internet? Luckily, there are methods to change mindsets and foster creative, user centric – speak innovative – thinking. Design Thinking, Blue Ocean Strategy, Business Model Generation Canvas, Value Proposition Design, … , are only a few.

(Demystifying) Technological Hype Topics

Gartner’s Hype Cycle is a great tool to identify technology trends – but also to debunk them. On the peak of the hype, everybody seems to be craving for a certain technology – without knowing about its up- or downsides. Blockchain, the Cloud, neural networks & deep learning, Robot Process Automation, Autonomous Driving and E-Mobility are good examples. Learn more about how to demystify these trends and get back to the facts that really matter.

Future of Work / Cities of the Future / Smart Mobility

We are living in very interesting times! Never before has progress taken such an incredible pace. All parts of our daily lives are affected and will undergo fundamental change. Cities will transform into smart metropolitan areas, where industrial, recreational and service zones start to blend. New mobility concepts will permeate, enrich and in some cases also challenge these areas. But the biggest change might loom in our work environment…

Impact of Technology on Society

Technology can improve our lives and make the world prosper. The same technology can also cast doom and perish onto whole societies. Why do people either tend to be excited or deeply afraid? What is the Hollywood effect? Dominik’s research in the domain of technology foresight has shed light onto these questions.


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Dominik’s experience and his passion for the Future of Technology, Responsible Innovation and Trend Research make him an Internationally Renowned Expert. Regularly counseling German, European and international government agencies, companies and research partners, he has been called into several Expert Groups and Advisory Committees.


Currently, he is chairing the global IEEE TechEthics ad-hoc committee, acts as Vice President for Industrial Activities of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, is member of different Expert Advisory Boards and various IoT Initiatives like the University of Potsdam „Forschungs- und Anwendungszentrum Industrie 4.0“.

If you want to explore possible collaborations or engagements, want to tap into Dominik’s extensive knowledge or discuss an involvement into your initiative, expert committee or advisory board, please contact us here.

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Having worked with Dominik in multiple roles from KUKA to Robotic Governance it is clear that he is a very deep thinker. He appreciates the potential implications of modern automation and many of the pitfalls. He is at the same time one of the innovators/managers of new robotics technology. Dominik is also a great presenter and always has a story to tell. He is smart, engaged, a team player, and a wonderful person. Really enjoyed working with Dominik.

Prof. Dr. Henrik I. Christensen, Director of Robotics, Professor at UC San Diego and co-founder of ROBO-global

About Dominik

Since September 2019, Dominik Boesl is Professor for Digital Sciences, Automation and Leadership at the Hochschule der Bayerischen Wirtschaft (HDBW). From January 2019 to December 2020, Dominik worked for FESTO AG & Co. KG as Vice President & Head of Robotic Futures. Directly reporting to the CTO, he lead FESTO’s robotics business unit and defined its automation strategy. Before, he had been responsible for Innovation and Technology Management at KUKA since he first joined KUKA Laboratories as Head of Corporate Strategy and Member of the Board in 2011. In 2012, he became Corporate Innovation Manager at KUKA AG, directly reporting to the Management Board. From January 2017 to end of December 2018 he acted as Vice President Consumer Driven Robotics and Senior Corporate Innovation Manager. His responsibility for innovation and evangelism efforts spanned the entire KUKA group. As one of KUKA’s Technology Owners (equivalent to other companies‘ Technical Fellows or Distinguished Engineers), he profoundly contributed to the definition of the group’s strategy on „Apps, Cloud & IoT“.

Dominik graduated with a diploma in Computer Science from the University of Augsburg and an MBA degree from the University of Pittsburgh. In addition to his career, he has constantly been lecturing at different universities, e.g. Munich Technical University (TUM), and is an author of technical and scientific publications. At TUM School of Education, he is researching „Technology, Robotic & AI Governance„: the ethical, moral, socio-cultural, -political and -economic implications of technologies, as robotics, automation and artificial intelligence on humankind.

In order to foster the interdisciplinary discourse about the impact of robotics and automation on society and humankind, Dominik is driving the idea of „Robotic & AI Governance“, trying to establish a framework for voluntary self-regulation regarding the use of disruptive technologies. The corresponding initiative and discussion platform can be found at www.roboticgovernance.com. The current work on the „Robot Manifesto“ can be found at www.robotmanifesto.org.

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