Robotic & AI Governance Foundation

Dominik is founder and chairman of the Robotic & AI Governance Foundation, fostering research in the domain of establishment of frameworks for the regulation of technology and innovation.

From the Robotic & AI Governance Foundation’s website:

„We are at the edge of a new era: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Automation are going to shape the future. Like all disruptive technologies before, they offer plenty of chances. We already see paralyzed people walk with the help of exoskeletons and the first autonomous cars make their rounds on test tracks. But there will also be challenges and issues – as there are with nuclear energy, stem-cell research, genetic engineering or the internet.

„The Robotic & A.I. Governance Foundation is leading the discussion about the impact of these technological disruptors on societies and humankind. It offers a platform to find the answers to such important questions like „Will the robots of the future be my companions, my competitors or „just“ intelligent tools?“ and „Will a program one day talk to me like a human being and I will no longer be able to spot the difference?“.

„Our work follows clearly defined principles and we are committed to transparency, inclusion and consensus.“

Robotic & AI Governance Foundation Website