Robotics Trailblazer Dominik Bösl Joins Micropsi Industries as Second Managing Director

Artificial intelligence (AI) company Micropsi Industries has named robotics and AI expert Dominik Bösl as its second managing director. Working alongside company founder and CEO Ronnie Vuine, Bösl is now responsible for further developing MIRAI, a ready-to-use AI system that uniquely enables industrial robots to automate previously manual manufacturing processes.

With Bösl's appointment as managing director, Micropsi takes another decisive step towards global expansion, a development that reached an initial high point with its recent $30 million financing round.

„Dominik is a real computer scientist, as befits the head of an R&D-heavy software company,“ Vuine said. „At the same time, he is a high-profile industrial robotics specialist. This is an ideal combination and a stroke of luck for us. We'll be implementing some very exciting things together in the coming months and years."

Decisive factors: product potential

After initial positions at Siemens AG, Fujitsu-Siemens and Microsoft, the computer science graduate with an executive MBA from Pittsburgh University moved to well-known automation specialists such as KUKA Group and Festo. Bösl was responsible for innovation and technology management at KUKA and advanced processes critical to competition, in part through the prioritized use of cloud technologies. Since 2007, Bösl has also held a teaching and research position at the Technical University of Munich. He also joined the HDBW-University in Munich in the Department of Computer Science as a professor in 2019.
After more than 22 years with large corporations, Bösl joins a 40-strong company to advance the development of MIRAI. The control system enables industrial robots to perceive their environment via cameras and continuously adapt their movements to it with AI. This means that for the first time, robots are able to deal with variances and changes in the workspace in real time.
„MIRAI is the first technology in this field that I am convinced works and has the potential to change robotics,“ he said. „The live demos immediately got me excited."

The common goal: Driving forward the democratization of robotics

Bösl joins Micropsi with two goals in mind. “On the one hand, we want to make the previously impossible possible, which we have already succeeded in doing in many areas,“ he said. „This is proven by the successful MIRAI applications at Siemens Energy, BSH, ZF Group and Daimler. For the first time, Micropsi has automated motorized, highly complex activities that are in particular demand in industry, including assembly, cable plugging, and leakage testing. Now, the aim is to identify new applications and to open upnew markets."
"On the other hand, our goal is to further advance the democratization of robotics,“ Bösl added. „We want to open up the benefits of cutting-edge AI technology to even more people, because this is the only way to continue to maintain our high standard of living. Customers and partners can look forward to new breakthrough applications that harness the full potential of this technology. To achieve this, we take a holistic and down-to-earth approach to robotics and AI and address concrete challenges in everyday production. That's the secret of our success."

About Micropsi Industries

Micropsi Industries is a VC-backed robotics software company with offices in Berlin, Germany (R&D) and San Francisco. Founded in 2014, the company is at the forefront of innovation in robotic automation for manufacturing, with a particular emphasis on assembly tasks. For more information, visit